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12662671 1770789579802016 5870239760443913225 nInauguration of NZEM Berom Planning Committee
A planning committee to organize Nzem Berom has been inaugurated by the Gbong Gwom Jos, Da Jacob Gyang Buba at his Jishe Palace earlier today.
In a brief inaugural remarks Da Buba charged the planning committee to commence preparation for the festival immediately in view of the fact that it has less than two months to plan, package and present the event which has not been held for close to a decade, maintaining that the introduction of consultants to package the festival should not take away the culture and tradition of the Berom, but rather a platform to showcase the rich culture of the Berom in an international perspective.
The Gbong Gwom Jos called on the Planning committee to liaise with security agencies in preparation to ensure a peaceful and successful festival, stressing that with keen interest shown by other ethnic groups in the state during the long absence Nzem Berom they should be featured to show their support.

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